Medical Service Outsourcing

Outsourcing of medical staff and radiological remote scheduling


Reorganisation Planning Performance

We re-qualify our offer with careful coordination, guaranteeing continuity of assistance, in the planning of an efficient use of resources.

Tesla Medical Solutions increases efficiency, analyses reference indicators, creates "ad hoc" models, coordinates with internal management regarding the feasibility of objectives, always paying particular attention to the healthcare nature of the service offered.

The mission of our company distinguishes us in the market of radiology. The continuous updating, passion and meticulousness of our multi-specialised approach allow Tesla Medical Solutions to provide its customers with the possibility of using a single partner to cover various intervention sectors.

Outsourcing e fornitura personale medico radiologico
Outsourcing e fornitura personale medico radiologico


Outsourcing of radiologists for private and public medical facilities and clinics.

We offer understaffed medical facilities the possibility of using highly qualified professionals to solve issues that may arise in the management of work shifts.

Tesla Medical Solutions increases efficiency in the management of medical personnel for clinical facilities, acting as the only qualified representative and guaranteeing excellent standards of quality.

Our company mission makes us stand out as a problem-solver mainly in the radiological sector. However, the nature of our services allows us to make use of medical professionals also in other specialisations. A single partner for multiple areas of intervention.


Optimise your organisation's performance with our online radiology reporting service

Tesla Medical Solutions offers innovative teleradiology reporting services to support the diagnostic activity of healthcare facilities, using a technological platform in compliance with current national and international regulations.
Our work is carried out in collaboration with a team of experienced radiologists who can satisfy the needs of the end customer, both in terms of reporting time and type of examination. The service can be activated continuously or to cover specific critical periods.
Our radiologist consultants can provide diagnostic reports on the following types of exam:

  • MRI and CT (joint, body)
  • Neuroradiology
  • Traditional radiology and Orthopantomography
  • Breast examinations

Tesla Medical Solutions cuts down waiting lists and reduces the delivery time of reports. We look out for the development of cutting-edge technologies in the medical imaging sector, referring to the current guidelines. We work together to improve diagnostic performance.

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Servizi di telerfertazione in radiologia